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Tadcaster Lantern Festival 2019


Now in its third year, The Lantern Festival will return on Sunday 10th February 2019.
The event began as a celebration for the reopening of the bridge 2016.

Lanterns will once again be made at various workshops, schools and community workshops are being set up by Tadcrafters and also Tony and Charlie, the team responsible for the past 2 festivals. 

On the day of the parade you will be able to make a small cylindrical lantern to carry in the parade, lantern making will take place between 1-4 on the day. 
The historical group Frei Compagnie will once again be displaying their medieval wears for people to enjoy and interact with. 
The parade will leave Sainsburys car park at 5pm with the larger lantern carriers arriving from 4.15pm. 
The road will be subject to a rolling road closure, which will be in place from 5pm. Traffic will be allowed to slowly travel behind the parade, but will be unable to pass. We expect the parade to be on the road for approximately 20mins. 

The lantern festival will lead to the Riley Smith Hall where we invite you all to stay for a while, enjoy the lanterns which will be on display. Refreshments and snacks will be available. 

For more details please get in touch with Kirsty on 



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